Consorzio Perugia Città Museo

The Museum Consortium of the city of Perugia was, founded in January 2007 and is a consortium that brings together permanent museums, monumental and archaeological sites of Perugia with the aim of enhancing the artistic heritage of the city through an extraordinary journey through art and history.

The consortium offers many opportunities to discover not only the 10 museums, but also the exhibitions and temporary installations in the member structures of the project. But that's not all: thanks to the subscription you will get exclusive discounts in partner structures of the consortium and other museums.

To get everything at your fingertips, download the official app for Android or iPhone. 

ESN Perugia, as a no-profit association that addresses international students in order to help them in the discovery and integration in the city during their experience in Perugia, supports the Perugia City Museum Consortium. Thanks to this agreement, it is now possible for all Erasmus students to purchase a type C subscription, normally exclusive for residents in Umbria, at a cost of 20€.

Where can you buy the card?


Where can I use my Perugia City Museum CARD?