The biggest event of the year, the most unforgettable event of your Erasmus, the event that everyone is already waiting for, it's time to shout: “sole, mare, EVENTO NAZIONALE!”
The iconic Riviera of Romagna, 3500 Erasmus from all over Italy, parties, sports, games, music, and all the fun you can desire! 
Whether you are a Jack Sparrow, or a Peter Pan, an Elizabeth Swan or a Wendy, prepare your sword and sail with us to Rimini from May 16th to the 19th for the event of your dreams! 


What's included:
- BUS back and forth Perugia - Rimini 
- 3 nights in hotel with breakfast and dinner included 
- 3 daytime parties at a private beach 
- 3 nighttime parties 
- sports courts 
- bathouse services (shower, tanning bed, parasol, etc.) 
- insurance and security 
- welcome kit (with bag, t-shirt and exclusive gadgets from the event, pirate themed!) 

• Trip fee:
€220 + €50 deposit (once the registrations are closed, the fee is not refundable)

1a) fill the form

If you’re among the first 131 to fill the form, you’re going to have time until Tuesday 19th March at 10:00 pm to pay the fee, the list will be published in the event.
If you don’t pay until the deadline you will lose your place

1b) You filled the form, but you’re not among the first 131? You don’t have to worry, you still have the chance to come! Fill the form to be in the Waiting List. After March 19th all the non-paid places will be freed, and if you get your place you will have time until March 21st at 10 pm to pay! 

1c) You’re in the Waiting List but you didn’t get your place after the 19th of March? You still have your last chance! MAYBE in April we will get more place, depending from how many people are there in the Waiting List. Get ready to get the last places!

2) UNTIL THE DEADLINE pay the whole fee at our office-Desk @Informagiovani Perugia (Piazza del Melo 4)

Or through bank transfer at the bank details you find at this link and uploading the receipt at the this link

If you pay through bank transfer it is OBLIGATORY to correctly upload the receipt or the payment will not be accepted. 

3) Pay the €50 deposit until March 28th. If there won’t be damages to structures it will be given back to you after the event.

- Thursday 14th March at 2 pm: inscriptions opening day and first chance to pay the trip; 
- Tuesday 19th March at 10 pm: payment DEADLINE for the first 131 people;

- Wednesday 20th March: publication of new entries (ex Waiting List);
- Thursday 21st March at 10 pm: payment DEADLINE for new entries ex Waiting List;

- Thursday 28th March: DEADLINE payment €50 deposit for everybody;

- April 2nd - 4th: payments for possible additional places.

Become a pirate, make your dreams come true and sail with us in this adventure with ESN Perugia!

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16/05/2019 - 08:00 to 19/05/2019 - 19:00
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