Another day, another party. This time it's an Eco & Scipol Party! Are you ready for the official Economics and Political Science Departments party?

On June 15 from 19:00 in the square of the faculties in Via Alessandro Pascoli 1 there will be a Free Entry party, where we will have the opportunity to watch together the match Portugal vs Spain!

If you are a lover of beer, wine or cocktails all your needs will be met thanks to the stand of STREET FOOD curated by CUKUC!
To end the evening, music for all tastes! Rock, 90s and 2000, hip-hop, R&B, raggeton, house music and techno ... and if all this is not enough there is the possibility, through pre-sale for just 10 €, to have a menu that includes grilled meat and soft drink.

In short, you have no escape, you can not but participate and we expect you to be numerous at the Youth Information Desk before June 15 to be able to comfortably find the pre-sales and clear up any doubts!

15/06/2018 - 19:00
free entry + 10€ street food dinner
  • Everyone is invited.