Spello’s Infiorate is a manifestation which takes place in the small town of Spello, in Umbria, on the occasion of the Corpus Domini feast, on the ninth Sunday after Easter.
During that night people work along the streets of the historical center to create carpets and pictures made of flower petals to honor the passage of the body of Christ, carried in procession by the bishop on Sunday morning. The result is a 1,5 km path of more than sixty different floral creations.
Differently from other similar manifestations Spello’s Infiorate creators compose their carpets using flowers collected in the wild, possibly dried. The use of other kind of plants (leaves and berries) is allowed, but to a lesser extent compared to flowers. The use of wood and every kind of synthetic material is prohibited. The flower can be used in its entirety, but the petals are mostly used part: they are separated from the corolla, get dried, and sometimes they get chopped, without turning them into powder.
Similarly the leaves can be used fresh or dried and chopped. The drying must be done naturally under the sunlight. These vegetable materials represent the colors used to create the carpets. The gathering and the preparation start months before their use.
Drawings are either traced on the streets using chalk and the technique of division into squares, or drawn onto paper and then stuck to the ground, allowing bigger and more complex designs. The representations, always inspired by religious themes, often contain intricate three-dimensional effects, usually obtained with the use of prospective, shading and layering of the flowers, without the use of glue. Each infiorata must have either a minimum length of 12 meters, or cover a surface of at least 24 square meters, depending on the type of the dimensions and composition: in the Quadri (single scene pictures) the figure covers the whole surface of the infiorata; in the carpets the figure is located at the center of the composition, which is surrounded by geometric patterns and repetitive decorations.
In 1989 the Italian Post Office dedicated a 400 Lire stamp to the Spello’s Infiorate.