On July 14th 1890 at the Sala della Vaccara, approximately 50 persons found the “Sport Association Braccio Fortebraccio”.

In 1901, from a rib of this Association, was born the football section, under the presidency of Count Romeo Gallenga Stuart - future president of the Athletic Sports Federation and representative of our government at the Games of Stockholm. The first kicks were made at the “Piazzone”, the old Parade Ground (today called Piazza Partigiani), the place where both sport and military events used to happen.

1905 was the year of foundation of the A.C. Football Perugia, recognized at an institutional level.

One of the most important places in the collective imagination of the Football Perugia fans is the Municipal Stadium Santa Giuliana. It was built in 1937 from the architect Giuseppe Lilli, and it can host 15.000 people. The “Santa Giuliana” takes its name from the homonymous religious building from 1253. It was the protagonist of many home games for the ‘red and white’. In this stadium the ‘Grifoni’ conquered important results, such as the victory of the second division during the 1966/67 season and the first historical promotion in the first division, during the 1974/75.

But for the red and white fans the most memorable season was the 1978/79, when the team, led by D’Attoma, played an entire season without being defeated. It never happened before in the history of the first division. To set this record, equalled thirteen years later from A.C. Milan, the team from Perugia won 11 matches and tied 19. 41 points in total, three less from A.C. Milan, led from Liedholm. This is a result that today would send the team directly to the Champions League. This was not the only achievement of the team, though: that year A.C. Perugia was also the best defensive team of the season, with just 16 goals taken.

A.C. Perugia was a solid and aggressive team, way ahead of times. It did not give the time to the opponent teams to think, and cared mostly about the possession of the ball. The mirage of the championship was about to be realized when, six games away from the end of the regular season, A.C. Milan was just two points ahead of Perugia. When the two teams played against each other in Perugia, all A.C. Perugia fans were dreaming of winning, so to tie the league table and reach the team from Milan. The first team from Umbria could not let two players play that game, Frosio and Vannini. The game tied, just like happened in San Siro, and the red and black could beat the record. The “Perugia of miracles” ended up second on the league table that year, three points away from A.C. Milan.

For the second time coach D’Attoma made the history: A.C. Perugia was among the best teams in Europe.