The project #BeFriend - Buddy System has the goal to involve all incoming students of Perugia, then to provide a service to foreign students in their first period of stay in the city of Perugia and to encourage their integration within the university and perugian community.  ESN Perugia will take over the project through a series of managers, called tutors and a working group dedicated to it.

Each student coming to Perugia who asks for it will be included in a group of about 15 foreign students managed by one or more tutors of ESN Perugia. The tutor of each group will have the task of:

  • Get in touch with the Incoming students, before their arrival in Italy, to answer their questions about arrival in Perugia;
  • Provide a pick-up service on arrival in Perugia to Incoming students who request it and walking them to the chosen accommodation (fixed or temporary);
  • To help understand the functioning of our university system: secretariat, teacher reception, where to find the time of lessons and teaching programs and so on;
  • To facilitate, through the ESN Perugia accommodation project, the research-housing process;
  • Encourage, through the organization of events such as aperi-tandem or simply promoting the activities of ESN Perugia, the integration of Incoming students with the reality of Erasmus Perugia.

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